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We would like to emphasize our capabilities by sharing a small portion of the experience and knowledge our team of over 100 highly-skilled professionals and managers can offer in their respective disciplines.


Facilities & Equipment

Operating From Three Facilities, Selectively Chosen For Optimal Customer Service Throughout The Bakken

Our first location, just north of the Williston Airport, houses our Construction and Insulation Divisions and its related activities. The second location, six miles north of Watford City, enables easy services of jobs in the Watford and surrounding areas. Our third location located just south of Route 2 on highway 85, has been set up as our Headquarters and customer meeting facility along with both our ALS and Mechanical Divisions. Furnished with offices and conference rooms, this location offers easy access from the major east-west and north-south travel routes and is a prime location for many customers in the surrounding area.

In addition, our larger projects are accompanied by office trailers allowing us to promote business and employ personnel throughout the entire Bakken. From Dickinson to the Canadian border and everything in between, NoDak has employees, trucks, and equipment for all of our listed services.

  • Artificial Lift Systems
  • Carpentry
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Cementing Services
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Crane / Heavy Equipment Operators
  • General Contracting
  • Insulation
  • Logistics - Transportation
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Onsite Project HSSE Support
  • Pipeline installation
  • Pressure Testing
  • Roustabout and Lease Crews
  • Safety Training
  • Scaffolding
  • Washing and Painting
  • Welding

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Past Project Portfolio


In our line of work safety is a HUGE part of our life and the ability to keep living it!

What sets us apart from many of the companies in the Bakken is our ability to not only build the pipeline or facility in the field with our crews, but our wide range of professional services we offer.


We have a diversified company with extensive knowledge in the oil and gas industry, and pride ourselves in the products, safety and services we provide.



We have Structural Certified Welders as well as pipe Certified welders in Stainless, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Chrome, and other exotics.

From skid builds like 3phase separators/bulk and test Treater houses, knock outs, manifold skids, launchers and receivers, H-pump SWD skids with class 1 div. 1 MCC, meter buildings, LaCt. skids, salt water transfer, fresh water injection skids, bolt together compressor buildings and much more.

We have Structural Certified Welders as well as pipe Certified welders in Stainless, Carbon Steel, Chrome, and other exotics.

H-Pump Building Featuring
  • Overhead Crane
  • Class 1 Div One MCC Room
  • SUMP
  • Roll Up Doors
  • Double Walk Out Doors

Bolt Up And Assembly

Our customers are going towards packaged gathering systems for their pipelines.

We draft, procure, fabricate, inspect (hydro/x-ray) coat and build palleted packages with all parts needed for the risers, camelbacks, and launchers and anything so the pipelines only have to worry about going from point A to point B. saving the customer valuable time and money.

Job Book

All with a Turnover package that includes:

  • 3D Drafted Labeled Drawings
  • NDE
  • Testing Results
  • Certifications
  • Material Read Sheets And Specs
  • Torque Spec
  • Paint/Coat Spec

And Other Information Required By Customer


Our products or services brought to you

All Parts Together Bolts Gaskets With Product Packaging For Delivery To Our Customers. Feel the comfort in knowing our local services and products arrive to you with pride.

Compressor buildings

Steel frame bolt together or wood framed structures enclose and protect to ensure operation throughout the year regardless of what mother nature brings.

Wood framed construction

Wood framed treater buildings go up fast and are built to last! Custom framed Buildings fit any project layout.


Our Battery Crews Bring Experience And Quality To Meet The Timely Schedules The Customer Deserves. The Veteran Maintenance Crews Keep Site Sustainability!


Hard or Soft insulation services fight off the sub arctic temps of the Bakken. We offer custom made reusable flame retardant materials, as well as standard industrial tin and batting.

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